I, the infamous frog, Dudley Keith McFrogger The III have decided to hack Lachlan, cause I feel like it, so your gonna see some funny things going on in his blog, so be prepared, stuff is gonna get weird so first I’ll change his profile pic, then his name, then his blog background and i’m gonna force him to add me to his blog so be aware, stuff’s gonna get real!

(P.S. this is a joke this is just me having fun)


  1. Hi Lachie! ( and Dudley!)

    I like your blog a lot, in response to your earlier post, maybe you could change the theme and replace it with an image? ( maybe frogs!) there are so many different things that you could do to make your blog more interesting ( if you wanted to) for example, you could try getting a widget of some kind, ( I find that there are some really cool ones on bunnyherolabs)
    I hope that these suggestions help you,

    from Molly

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