Camp Reflection!

The best parts were: eating, disco, aeroball and the giant swing because the food was good, the disco tired me out at the end, aeroball let me burn off all the extra energy I had at the end of the other activities and the giant swing because you went so high and the countdown and pulling the rope to fall was really funny to watch and some people were confused on what to do and Jacob W shouted to Zach who was after him to not do a Jacob

The funniest thing was: when Jacob M lost his hat on the flying fox and it fell into the bushes and we went looking for it and also when running across the side of the slippery hill to get to bushcraft and Zach, Jack, Riley G and I were falling a lot

The hardest part was: canoeing and especially when turning and it was also hard when playing a canoe version of quidditch and also gang up tiggy which was kinda stressful trying not to get tagged and turning was a risk because it slowed you down   

Something I learned was: it isn’t about what it is you  like and don’t like it’s about having fun and having a good time and learning from your mistakes

Some people I got to know better: the camp leaders and getting to know their personalities and what their like and what their favorite things are

Something that surprised me: is that how long and boring the bus trip was

Most memorable part: was EVERYTHING because it was just an amazing experience and you only get this chance one

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