Term 3 Inquiry Reflection

What I Have Learnt:


People – I have learnt about Gough Whitlam and that he was the 21st Australian PM from 1967 to 1977 and he was a barrister following the war. I also found out that Edmund Barton was the very first PM and what I found interesting was when and what started voting in Australia and the history of it and I found out about a lot of PM’s that I haven’t even heard of before and how a law is made.


Places –

  • Where the Eureka stockade was held at Ballarat, Victoria in 1854
  • Where some PM’s were born and where they went to school and where their family lived
  • Where protests about Women and Aboriginal voting were held  


Events –

  • Eureka stockade which was about miners not having to pay for mining licenses to mine
  • Speech of Australia becoming a nation
  • Women being allowed to vote
  • Aboriginals being allowed to vote
  • Change of minimum age to vote
  • Gough Whitlam’s famous “Dismissal Speech”



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