Sports Article: Men’s and Women’s Judo

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                           Men’s and Women’s Judo                                                                           

Men’s Judo: Australia Vs Korea

Eoin Coughlan (Australia) went up against Lee Seung-Su.

Eoin got a yellow card in the first 15 seconds.

Then Lee started redeeming himself by swiftly flipping Eoin over

and scored 100 points which ended the match

 Women’s Judo: Australia Vs Andorra

Katharina Haecker (Australia) started vicious but

Laura Salles Lopez (Andorra)

struggled and got a yellow card.

Laura got pushed over but got straight back up on her feet.                                       

Then Katharina slammed Laura heavily on her back so Katharina

got 100 points and won the match


    1. Hi Miles,
      I don’t really follow judo, the activity was pick a sport and write a news report about it, so I randomly picked judo

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