May 17


I, the infamous frog, Dudley Keith McFrogger The III have decided to hack Lachlan, cause I feel like it, so your gonna see some funny things going on in his blog, so be prepared, stuff is gonna get weird so first I’ll change his profile pic, then his name, then his blog background and i’m gonna force him to add me to his blog so be aware, stuff’s gonna get real!

(P.S. this is a joke this is just me having fun)

November 14

Camp Reflection!

The best parts were: eating, disco, aeroball and the giant swing because the food was good, the disco tired me out at the end, aeroball let me burn off all the extra energy I had at the end of the other activities and the giant swing because you went so high and the countdown and pulling the rope to fall was really funny to watch and some people were confused on what to do and Jacob W shouted to Zach who was after him to not do a Jacob

The funniest thing was: when Jacob M lost his hat on the flying fox and it fell into the bushes and we went looking for it and also when running across the side of the slippery hill to get to bushcraft and Zach, Jack, Riley G and I were falling a lot

The hardest part was: canoeing and especially when turning and it was also hard when playing a canoe version of quidditch and also gang up tiggy which was kinda stressful trying not to get tagged and turning was a risk because it slowed you down   

Something I learned was: it isn’t about what it is you  like and don’t like it’s about having fun and having a good time and learning from your mistakes

Some people I got to know better: the camp leaders and getting to know their personalities and what their like and what their favorite things are

Something that surprised me: is that how long and boring the bus trip was

Most memorable part: was EVERYTHING because it was just an amazing experience and you only get this chance one

November 4

Inquiry Learning

In inquiry this term we are learning about the environment and our rich question is “How does understanding our environment help us to live in harmony with all creation?”

To answer that question in inquiry we are currently doing a comparing two random countries, I got Costa Rica & Bangladesh. some topics we have to look at is life expectancy, energy consumption, change of local environment, per capita income, vegetation clearance etc. My partner is Will P.

My actions to care about the environment more are save leftover, buy things with less packaging, reduce, reuse and recycle. You can try this to and show how much you care about the environment

Thanks or reading



October 13

BTN Video: Ocean Rubbish

On Wednesday our class watched a BTN video on ocean rubbish which is landfill in the ocean and we had to finish  four statements but I only did two

This story made me feel:

heartbroken knowing that so many animals are being harmed by our selfish decisions and knowing that they are the ones who are are suffering just makes me so sad

It’s surprising that:

so many people are killing innocent animals and people are so lazy and they don’t care about animals because they can’t pick up their own rubbish and put it in the right bin just makes me sick

Marine debris is impacting on marine animals:

because the animals are eating the debris and they are dying because of us and soon there won’t be any marine animals left

September 16

Term 3 Inquiry Reflection

What I Have Learnt:


People – I have learnt about Gough Whitlam and that he was the 21st Australian PM from 1967 to 1977 and he was a barrister following the war. I also found out that Edmund Barton was the very first PM and what I found interesting was when and what started voting in Australia and the history of it and I found out about a lot of PM’s that I haven’t even heard of before and how a law is made.


Places –

  • Where the Eureka stockade was held at Ballarat, Victoria in 1854
  • Where some PM’s were born and where they went to school and where their family lived
  • Where protests about Women and Aboriginal voting were held  


Events –

  • Eureka stockade which was about miners not having to pay for mining licenses to mine
  • Speech of Australia becoming a nation
  • Women being allowed to vote
  • Aboriginals being allowed to vote
  • Change of minimum age to vote
  • Gough Whitlam’s famous “Dismissal Speech”



August 16

Sports Article: Men’s and Women’s Judo

Lachlan B
Lachlan’s daily News


                           Men’s and Women’s Judo                                                                           

Men’s Judo: Australia Vs Korea

Eoin Coughlan (Australia) went up against Lee Seung-Su.

Eoin got a yellow card in the first 15 seconds.

Then Lee started redeeming himself by swiftly flipping Eoin over

and scored 100 points which ended the match

 Women’s Judo: Australia Vs Andorra

Katharina Haecker (Australia) started vicious but

Laura Salles Lopez (Andorra)

struggled and got a yellow card.

Laura got pushed over but got straight back up on her feet.                                       

Then Katharina slammed Laura heavily on her back so Katharina

got 100 points and won the match

August 11

2016 Australian Federal Election Result Graph

Today I’m going to show you the 2016 Australian Federal Election results, but in a graph to make it much more fun.
Here’s a summary:

  • The Labor party got 819,396 more votes than Liberal
  • The Greens got 3,316,663 less votes than Labor
  • The Liberal Party got 2,497,267 more than Greens

In the comments tell me who you’d vote for if you could and if you were Prime Minister Or President (depending where you are) tell me what you would do, I’d stop poverty, bullying, racism, war, give more jobs to people and give children the education they need.


August 5

My Food Review (from a critics view)

I was walking down the street, looking for a new adventure, wen I see a new cafe called Senior S’ Fab Food Pit Stop Cafe, so I head on in.

When I got a table the waiter served me a plate of 3 dips and 4 dippers which were Tzatziki, Hommus and Eggplant dip with seaweed crackers, saladas, carrots and blueberries. First I tried a salada with Tzatziki dip, it melted in my mouth, it was well done, fresh, heavenly and a work of art.

Next I tried a seaweed cracker with Hommus dip , but when my tongue touched it, it was horrific, awful, atrocious, deplorable and unpleasing and not as good as homemade and badly made.

Finally I tried carrot and tzatziki was amazing because of the sweetness of the carrot and the sourness of the tzatziki went perfectly together, it was moist, melt in your mouth good and absorbed.

 So after this I payed the bill and called it a day. It’s definitely worth going back

The End